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User Experience: 10 Big Reasons to Apply Illustrations in UI Design

For the last couple of years, original illustrations for users interfaces have been one of the most popular and solid design trends. Let’s discuss the reasons that make designers choose illustrations among the core visual elements of UI design for websites and mobile applications.What Is Illustration?Basically,...


7 Awesome Wireframing Tools You Should Be Using

Over the years, we’ve become so much more knowledgeable about the UX design process, especially in regards to wireframing — a highly useful design exercise that can significantly improve the overall user experience of the final product.
In this roundup, we’ll take a look at the best wireframing tools.
What is a...


“Marie Kondo” your Sketch files with these plugins

When your project stops to spark joy, try these tools.We all know how the initial exploration phase of a project can easily lead to a complete mess of a Sketch file. Layer names are all over the place, symbols scattered around only god knows where, each style has multiple clones and so on.Luckily for us Sketch has a very...


Why are you not designing your day-to-day experience?

When designing everything around you becomes second nature.The other day a coworker and I were chatting about our phone’s home screens and the way we organize our app icons. We spent a good amount of time describing to one another our implicit rules on how we prioritize homepage icons, how we choose apps that will sit...


Design Tips: How to Make Your App Icon Stand Out

The design of an app icon is essential for App Store and Google Play Store optimization. Unlike text descriptions and screenshots that are aimed at making people want to install the app, icons have a broader scope of responsibility. An icon is a small branding element that should attract at first glance, stand out from the...


The best Youtube channels to learn UI/UX/Product Design

Photo by Szabo Viktor on UnsplashThere is a possibility of getting lost in an amalgamation of videos on How to become blah, What is blah and Tips on blah. “Blah” referring to the ever confusing and overly creative job roles invented for the 21st century digital Designers.To keep it simple and short, here are five...


The psychology of Simple: why it’s so hard to achieve in design

We have all been there — staring at a blank screen, looking for a flicker of creativity, and putting off the best of our ideas in hopes for better times to come. It’s difficult to get started on something when you are out of creative energy. This is the trap most designers fall into once they decide to...


What’s new and what you can expect from Sketch 53 Beta

The most exciting feature for me is the new Symbol Override Management and Override Selection 😍🚨 This is my review for the Sketch 53 Beta so that you don’t have to risk with your working files. But if you do, please proceed with caution and use it at your own risk as Sketch always warn us!It’s already been 1...