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An introduction to guerrilla research

Photograph by Tim WalshThe principle of guerrilla research is to get useful insights in an efficient way without needing to create complex prototypes, recruit a certain demographic, or be a seasoned user research expert.Guerrilla research is ideal for teams who want to test ideas early and often, allowing them to move on...


A few tips for crafting your URLs for improved SEO and UX

Your average person will go through their entire life without even noticing a single URL. Maybe they’ll wince at a particularly humongous one, but that’s that. Even some webmasters and digital marketers consider URL structure an afterthought.That is, until approaching them the wrong way comes back to bite them on the...


The knowns and unknowns framework for design thinking

On the 12th of February 2002, Donald Rumsfeld, back then Secretary of State of the US, used an until then little known framework to help him in making the case for the invasion of Iraq: the Knowns and Unknowns framework. I think it is fair to say that the reception by the press was mixed: some accused him of playing with...


Usability testing a Japanese payment app — a UX case study

Usability testing a Japanese payment app — a UX case studyBrief IntroductionThe objective of this project is to conduct a user experience case study on Aftee. Aftee is a payment App owned by Net Protections, a leading FinTech company in Japan. The company expended its market from Japan to Taiwan last year.The...


UX inspiration from history: the Minivan Taxi

image by diecast43Our next “guest” came straight outta the Soviet Union in 1964: The Minivan Taxi.The Minivan Taxi started its journey in 1962 at VNIITE (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Industrial Design), when a talented team of engineers and designers developed an extraordinary car, something reliable,...


The Secret to Being a Great UX Designer

Here it is:Ask “why?” often.Why ask why? It’s a powerful question for multiple reasons.Why brings understanding, purpose, and motivation. How? Why unlocks valuable information from customers, clients, and co-workers to provide depth. Why directly uncovers assumptions and can open the door to areas that hadn’t...