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Advice on sketchnoting, 2019

Advice on visual scribing, 2019Things I tell people when they ask me about visualisation workI’ve been asked for advice on sketchnoting/visual scribing lately so I thought I’d roll what I often tell people into a post.Illustrations are from a scribe I did for the Natural Capital Summit in Brisbane (part of Climate...


Case Study: Inspora. Brand and UI Design for Virtual Stylist

A new generation of apps gets more and more personalized to dive deep into specific problems of a particular user. Today’s design story is about a product of this kind: meet Inspora, a virtual personal assistant in the issues of style and fashion. The Tubik team had a chance to work on the design of the logo, user...


UX inspiration from history: the Minivan Taxi

image by diecast43Our next “guest” came straight outta the Soviet Union in 1964: The Minivan Taxi.The Minivan Taxi started its journey in 1962 at VNIITE (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Industrial Design), when a talented team of engineers and designers developed an extraordinary car, something reliable,...


“Marie Kondo” your Sketch files with these plugins

When your project stops to spark joy, try these tools.We all know how the initial exploration phase of a project can easily lead to a complete mess of a Sketch file. Layer names are all over the place, symbols scattered around only god knows where, each style has multiple clones and so on.Luckily for us Sketch has a very...


Design Tips: How to Make Your App Icon Stand Out

The design of an app icon is essential for App Store and Google Play Store optimization. Unlike text descriptions and screenshots that are aimed at making people want to install the app, icons have a broader scope of responsibility. An icon is a small branding element that should attract at first glance, stand out from the...


The best Youtube channels to learn UI/UX/Product Design

Photo by Szabo Viktor on UnsplashThere is a possibility of getting lost in an amalgamation of videos on How to become blah, What is blah and Tips on blah. “Blah” referring to the ever confusing and overly creative job roles invented for the 21st century digital Designers.To keep it simple and short, here are five...