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We Can Now Grow Perfect Human Blood Vessels in a Lab

Valuable Vessels The latest game changer in diabetes research might not be a new drug or a therapy. Instead, it could be a system of human blood vessels virtually identical to the ones currently transporting blood throughout your body. What makes these blood vessels special is that they are the first ones grown in a...


Bad News: That Moon Plant Everybody Was Talking About Is Dead

Moon Plant An irresistible story swept the world of science and technology journalism Tuesday when China’s space program said that its Moon lander had sprouted a cotton seedling inside a sealed grow container — the first plant ever grown on another world. “China’s Moon mission sees first seeds sprout,”...


World’s First Battery-Free Bluetooth Chip Pulls Power from the Air

IoT Time Signs point to us eventually living in a world in which nearly everything around us is “smart.” Our clothes will send messages to our smartphones letting us know when they need washed, and our milk will order its own replacement as its expiration date nears. But before the Internet of Things can fully...


Experts: The Only Way to Save the Planet Is Nuclear Energy

Going Nuclear The world needs to rethink its plan for addressing climate change. That’s the assertion of political scientist Joshua S. Goldstein and energy engineer Staffan A. Qvist. On Friday, The Wall Street Journal published an essay in which the duo argues that we can’t address the global climate problem as...


Scientists Discovered a New Way to Stabilize Fusion Reactions

Fusion Reactions Nuclear fusion, the reaction that powers stars like our Sun, could be a source of nearly unlimited electricity. But before that can happen, scientists need to find a way to stabilize super-heated plasma in fusion reactions. Now, researchers from Princeton University and the Department of Energy...


Watch Video of Hyundai’s Walking Car Concept in Action

Car for Ants On Wednesday, Hyundai released a teaser image of Elevate, an electric vehicle with four robotic legs designed to allow the car to walk or climb over rough terrain. The company promised to reveal a design concept and prototype of the walking car on Monday at CES 2019, and it delivered — albeit on a...


The Chinese Moon Rover Could Be Scouting for Interplanetary Fuel

Interplanetary Fuel Futurism has been closely following the progress of Chang’e-4, the Chinese Moon lander that touched down on the far side of the Moon last week and released a rover called Yutu 2. As the first soft landing on the far side of the Moon in history, the mission was a coup for the […]
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Elon Musk Celebrates Start of Shanghai Gigafactory Construction

Tesla East By the end of 2019, Tesla might not just be selling its electric vehicles in China — it could also be making them there. On Monday, CEO Elon Musk broke ground on a Shanghai Gigafactory expected to cost $2 billion. If construction goes as planned, the massive factory will help Tesla gain a stronger foothold...


New Research Could Stop Multiple Sclerosis in Its Tracks

Power Cell When a person has multiple sclerosis (MS), their immune system causes inflammation that affects parts of the central nervous system, including the brain. This can result in a variety of symptoms, ranging from fatigue and pain to loss of cognition and even paralysis. We can’t currently cure MS, just slow it...