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Four tools to discover and optimize for related keywords

SEO moved beyond exact keyword matching long ago. We need content that includes related concepts, satisfies intent and provides value. Keyword tools with something new to bring to the table for understanding topics, expanding keyword lists, and diversifying organic rankings.
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How to Build Links When No One Will Link to You

Are you frustrated that no one will link to you? Have you tried all of the basic link building methods like email outreach to find out that none of them are working for you? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Everyone says you need to write amazing content to build links. And although that helps, […]
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My Failed Attempt at SEO (And What I’ve Learned)

Did you know that I’ve failed at SEO before? No, I’m not talking about when I first started my career. This was when I knew SEO like the back of my hand. I’m talking about when I was good enough to get sites ranked on page 1… that’s when I really failed at SEO. And boy […]
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