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Plan out projects with the new Dropbox Paper timelines feature

Coordinating projects is hard work. Not only does everyone need to be clear on overall goals, but people also need tasks assigned and project status kept up to date. And if you can’t handle these basics, it’s easy for projects to go off the rails. That pain—the pain of coordinating all those moving pieces—is one...


7 Science-Backed Tips To Be More Productive

Whether you work at a job or work at a hobby or work at an avocation, if you are like me you want to be productive. You want to get more done, with less effort, and enjoy it as much as possible. Maybe not everyone cares about this as much as I do. For me, … Continue reading "7 Science-Backed Tips To Be More...


30 Behaviours That Will Make You A Really Valuable UX Designer

28 Behaviours That Will Make You A Really Valuable UX DesignerThere’s more to being a designer than learning to be a designerThere is a tonne of elements to being a valuable UX designer. Tools, methods, frameworks, processes, platforms, communication, trends and lots of human factors (to name a few).To become a really...


Your color picker is killing me!

3 things they didn’t tell you about your daily choice of colors…This piece is going to be a short one, but super effective for you.We all use color pickers on a daily basis — while working on a document, a spreadsheet, a presentation or even just a short email… However, most of us seem to be doing...