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Qualcomm says Apple owes $7 billion in device royalty payments

If Qualcomm ever prevails in its patent dispute with Apple, it could have ample compensation coming its way. The chip designer told a San Diego federal court on October 26th that Apple was allegedly $7 billion behind in device royalty payments -- no small amount when it comes to cellular chipsets. The declaration doesn't...


Winamp returns in 2019 to whip the llama’s ass harder than ever

The charmingly outdated media player Winamp is being reinvented as a platform-agnostic audio mobile app that brings together all your music, podcasts, and streaming services to a single location. It's an ambitious relaunch, but the company behind it says it's still all about the millions-strong global Winamp community —...


Snapchat lets you take a photo of an object to buy it on Amazon

See, snap, sale. In a rare partnership for Amazon, the commerce giant will help Snapchat challenge Instagram and Pinterest for social shopping supremacy. Today Snapchat announced it’s slowly rolling out a new visual product search feature, confirming TechCrunch’s July scoop about this project, codenamed “Eagle.”...


3 Creative Concepts of Mobile Tab Bar Navigation

by Nick BabichWhen it comes to selecting a pattern for the primary mobile navigation, product designers usually choose between two options — side drawer (also known as a hamburger menu) and tab bar. Both navigation patterns have their pros and cons.Tab bar vs. Side drawer (hamburger menu). Image: GoogleSince this...


The Principle of Least Effort: An Integral Part of UX

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology- not the other way around.” The words of Steve Jobs couldn’t ring truer than in today’s digital era. This is because both desktop and mobile UX design is fundamentally rooted in human cognitive psychology.From product management...