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Don’t trust Daily Mail website, Microsoft browser warns users

Mail Online rated one out of five for credibility by new feature to fight fake newsMicrosoft’s internet browser is warning users not to trust the Daily Mail’s journalism as part of its new feature designed to fight fake news.Visitors to Mail Online who use the Microsoft Edge browser can now see a statement asserting...


Now use Internet anonymously through Tor-enabled SIM card Onion3G

By Waqas
Privacy concerns are rising with the advancement of technology. Today, we need to be a lot more careful about online browsing than we needed to a few years back despite that we have come far ahead with technology. Tor browser and VPNs are generally believed to protect our privacy online, but what if they are also...


100 Websites That Shaped the Internet as We Know It

The World Wide Web is officially old enough for us judge what it’s produced. That’s right, it’s time for the world to start building a canon of the most significant websites of all time, and the Gizmodo staff has opinions.What does a spot on this list mean? It certainly doesn’t mean “best.” A number of sites on...


Almost Every Major Free VPN Service is a Glorified Data Farm

By John Mason
If you are a VPN user it is time to come out from the myth that every VPN is here to secure your privacy. Internet censorship is on the rise, and data from Freedom on the Net, based on an annual assessment of the situation of Internet freedom in 65 countries, reveals that not only […]
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