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0-Days Found in iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi6 Phones

At Pwn2Own 2018 mobile hacking competition held in Tokyo on November 13-14, white hat hackers once again demonstrated that even the fully patched smartphones running the latest version of software from popular smartphone manufacturers can be hacked.
Three major flagship smartphones—iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Xiaomi...


Hackers found selling private messages of 81k hacked Facebook accounts

By Waqas
Unsurprisingly, the price of each account is just 10 cents (8p). Last September, the social media giant Facebook revealed that it suffered a data breach in which hackers managed to steal access tokens of over 50 million accounts after exploiting a vulnerability in its View As feature. A couple of weeks later,...


New iPhone Passcode Bypass Found Hours After Apple Releases iOS 12.1

It's only been a few hours since Apple releases iOS 12.1 and an iPhone enthusiast has managed to find a passcode bypass hack, once again, that could allow anyone to see all contacts' private information on a locked iPhone.
Jose Rodriguez, a Spanish security researcher, contacted The Hacker News and confirmed that he...


GhostDNS: New DNS Changer Botnet Hijacked Over 100,000 Routers

Chinese cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a widespread, ongoing malware campaign that has already hijacked over 100,000 home routers and modified their DNS settings to hack users with malicious web pages—especially if they visit banking sites—and steal their login credentials.
Dubbed GhostDNS, the campaign has...