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Report Reveals TeamViewer Was Breached By Chinese Hackers In 2016

The German software company behind TeamViewer, one of the most popular software in the world that allows users to access and share their desktops remotely, was reportedly compromised in 2016, the German newspaper Der Spiegel revealed today.
TeamViewer is popular remote-support software that allows you to securely share...


Kali Linux 2019.1 Released — Operating System For Hackers

Wohooo! Great news for hackers and penetration testers.
Offensive Security has just released Kali Linux 2019.1, the first 2019 version of its Swiss army knife for cybersecurity professionals.
The latest version of Kali Linux operating system includes kernel up to version 4.19.13 and patches for numerous bugs, along with...


Someone Hacked PHP PEAR Site and Replaced the Official Package Manager

Beware! If you have downloaded PHP PEAR package manager from its official website in past 6 months, we are sorry to say that your server might have been compromised.
Last week, the maintainers at PEAR took down the official website of the PEAR (pear-php.net) after they found that someone has replaced original PHP PEAR...


New Android Malware Apps Use Motion Sensor to Evade Detection

Even after so many efforts by Google for preventing its Play Store from malware, shady apps somehow managed to fool its anti-malware protections and get into its service to infect Android users with malware.
Two such Android apps have recently been spotted on the Google Play Store by security researchers with the Trend...


20-Year-Old Man Arrested For Carrying Out Germany’s Biggest Data Leak

German federal police have arrested a 20-year-old local student for stealing and publishing a massive trove of personal data of hundreds of politicians, journalists and other public figures last month.
The young man, whose identity has not been revealed by the police, was arrested after police raided his parent's house in...