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European Parliament Approves Controversial “Meme Ban”

Copyright Directive The doomsday clock is ticking for European internet users. Last night, the European Parliament approved the final text of a controversial online copyright law that would force internet platforms to filter everything users upload for copyright — including memes — and charge news aggregators to...


This Startup Wants to Launch Giant Glowing Ads Into the Night Sky

Giant Ads Russian startup StartRocket says it wants to display enormous billboard-style advertisements in the night sky using arrays of cubesats, a vision it illustrates in a concept video featuring what appear to be the McDonald’s and KFC logos hovering in the sky like new constellations. According to project leader...


DARPA’s Balloons Could Hover at the Edge of Space Indefinitely

What Goes Up… Stratospheric balloons are exactly what they sound like: balloons that sit in the stratosphere, the layer of Earth’s atmosphere that begins roughly 60,000 feet above its surface. NASA first began experimenting with the devices in the 1950s, and they’re very useful — we now use them to do everything...


Some Americans Will Get to Vote via Blockchain This November

VOTING GOES MOBILE. The 2016 U.S. election was not exactly the most secure affair. Even though tech companies and lawmakers are still sorting out what happened, that’s not stopping West Virginia from thinking big and bold in 2018. According to a CNN report published Monday, the state plans to let soldiers who are...


Alphabet Will Bring Its Balloon-Powered Internet to Kenya

BADASS BALLOONS. In 2013, Google unveiled Project Loon, a plan to send a fleet of balloons into the stratosphere that could then beam internet service back down to people on Earth. And it worked! Just last year, the project provided more than 250,000 Puerto Ricans with internet service in the wake of the devastation of...