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Beef-eating ‘must fall drastically’ as world population grows

Current food habits will lead to destruction of all forests and catastrophic climate change by 2050, report findsPeople in rich nations will have to make big cuts to the amount of beef and lamb they eat if the world is to be able to feed 10 billion people, according to a new report. These cuts and a series of other...


David Attenborough: collapse of civilisation is on the horizon

Naturalist tells leaders at UN climate summit that fate of world is in their handsThe collapse of civilisation and the natural world is on the horizon, Sir David Attenborough has told the UN climate change summit in Poland.The naturalist was chosen to represent the world’s people in addressing delegates of almost 200...


Spain plans switch to 100% renewable electricity by 2050

Ambitious scheme also aims to fully decarbonise country’s economy shortly afterSpain has launched an ambitious plan to switch its electricity system entirely to renewable sources by 2050 and completely decarbonise its economy soon after.By mid-century greenhouse gas emissions would be slashed by 90% from 1990 levels...


Childhood obesity linked to air pollution from vehicles

Research suggests first year ‘critical window’ in which toxic air can increase weight gainEarly exposure to air pollution from vehicles increases the risk of children becoming obese, new research has found.High levels of nitrogen dioxide, which is emitted by diesel engines, in the first year of life led to...


Three-quarters of Venice flooded by exceptional high tide

Strong winds push water into historic Italian lagoon city in worst flooding in a decade Venice has been inundated by an exceptional high tide which put three-quarters of the lagoon city under water. Large swathes of the rest of Italy have also experienced flooding and heavy winds which toppled trees, killing four people....