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2019 UI and UX Design Trends

Scenery Illustration by J.HUALast year we put together a prediction of mobile UI design trends. This year, we’re going deeper and beyond just mobile. Because the number one trend in modern design is context. There are no generalizations anymore. Everything is in context and connected.It feels like we’re getting...


The power of empty space in UI design

How negative space and line spacing are a key for a good design.When it comes to UI design the easiest way to understand one is by identifying its components and how they visually appear. Many times, though, interfaces look very similar, but with a simple glimpse we could easily agree that some are just better and others...


Applying UX Principles to Life: Personal Branding

If UX researchers and designers can shape the experience that someone has with an interface, then why can’t we try to shape the lives we want to live?by Joey LimmenaBack in September 2013, I entered university with the thought of going into engineering. I had a knack for robotics and coding back in high school, and so...


Gamification: Understanding The Basics

Part 1Image source: 42courses.comhttps://medium.com/media/7f3dd8a6e27b58836bb89a39133d0278/hrefAll of us heard about how games can become addictive and a way of escaping reality. I was supporting this idea too, that they are only a form of escapism and nothing good can come out of playing games. I have been playing games...


Jony Ive Designs a Solid $250,000 Diamond Ring for Charity

Apple design chief Jony Ive, whose innovations include the iPod, iMac, MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad, has designed a special ring in conjunction with industrial designer Marc Newson exclusively for (RED) by Diamond Foundry. Auction house Sotheby’s unveiled the one-of-kind-piece and announced the sale of the ring will...


The Business of Removing Negatives from a Product

Rationally choosing the irrationalhttps://medium.com/media/66e1c685c75e275c50285d60fc640019/hrefWhy do people keep buying Apple products if they are not technically great and there are better value alternatives? Why do people keep eating at McDonald’s if the food is so bad for your health?I was asking myself these type...


Mood Boards for Product Designers

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Most designers know that wireframing and prototyping are essential parts of the design process. Without prototyping, your chances of creating good design are...


Top 16 Free UX/UI Design Books Worth Reading in 2018

“You will learn most things by looking, but reading gives understanding. Reading will make you free.” Paul RandPaul Rand was right when he said that reading gives us understanding. While we’re busy working on projects, it’s worth to spend some time reading one of the best FREE (yes, it’s all free and...


Samsung’s new One UI: a UX perspective

A deeper look at what Samsung calls “viewing your phone with an experience that feels second nature.”Samsung website screenAt Samsung’s developer conference 2018 in San Francisco, the company showcased One UI- a refreshed interface design for its smartphones.Let’s have a deeper look on the UX perspective side,...