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Huawei, Google and the tiring politics of tech

The defining question of the 21st century is pretty simple: who owns what? Who owns the telecommunications infrastructure that powers our mobile devices? Who owns the OS that powers those devices? Who owns our data? Today, we see these intersecting arcs with two prominent tech leaders mired in legal and political...


China’s “Artificial Sun” Is Now Hot Enough for Nuclear Fusion

It’s a Hot One Things are heating up in China. On Tuesday, a team from China’s Hefei Institutes of Physical Science announced that its Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) reactor — an “artificial sun” designed to replicate the process our natural Sun uses to generate energy — just hit a new...


China’s Fusion Reactor Reaches 100 Million Degrees Celsius

hackingbear shares a report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: The team of scientists from China's Institute of Plasma Physics announced this week that plasma in their Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) -- dubbed the 'artificial sun' -- reached a whopping 100 million degrees Celsius which is...


China Spotlight: Next AI Superpower?

This article has been edited for brevity. Read the full article here. Last year, China’s government put out its plan to lead the world in AI by 2030. As Eric Schmidt has explained, “it’s pretty simple. By 2020, they will have caught up. By 2025, they will be better than us. By 2030, they will dominate […]