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Someone on Twitter made a Lena Dunham apology bot

Lena Dunham just issued a somewhat hollow apology for defending a Girls writer accused of rape.
It's not the first time Dunham has apologised for a controversial statement after backlash, as many on Twitter have pointed out.
So, recognising a theme, two Australians have made a Twitter bot that can generate satiristic...


Why Ancient Mapmakers Were Terrified of Blank Spaces

The Indian Ocean is teeming with sea monsters in Caspar Vopel’s 1558 map of the world. A giant swordfish-like creature looks to be on a collision course with a ship, while a walrus with frighteningly large tusks emerges from the water, and a king carrying a flag rides the waves on a hog-faced beast.

Vopel, a German...


Eminem might have just given us the best album rollout of 2017

Some artists, like Beyoncé, just drop albums unexpectedly on us. Most artists though, have your typical rollout, with singles and press releases and well-timed television appearances. 
Not Eminem. 
Fans are speculating that the Detroit rapper has totally upended what it means to release a new album in this day and age...