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Airbnb Officially Launches an API

The long awaited Airbnb API is officially here. While Airbnb has publicly announced its official API, the API is not completely open to the public. Those interested must apply from access. Public documentation is not currently available. The focus of the initial API launch is the supply side.


Google’s sentiment analysis API is just as biased as humans

Google developed its Cloud Natural Language API to give customers a language analyzer that could, the internet giant claimed, "reveal the structure and meaning of your text." Part of this gauges sentiment, deeming some words positive and others negative. When Motherboard took a closer look, they found that...


Gmail Add-ons framework now available to all developers

Originally posted by Wesley Chun, G Suite Developer Advocate on the G Suite Blog Email remains at the heart of how companies operate. That's why earlier this year, we previewed Gmail Add-ons—a way to help businesses speed up workflows. Since then, we've seen partners build awesome applications, and beginning today, we're...


Node v8.8.0 (Current)

Notable Changes
expose ECDH class #8188

http2 is now exposed by default without the need for a flag #15685
a new environment variable NODE_NO_HTTP2 has been added to allow userland http2 to be required #15685
support has been added for generic Duplex streams #16269

resolve and instantiate loader...