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A new layer of blockchain tech is emerging: inter-chain mediators

GUEST: In the beginning was Bitcoin, the only blockchain we thought we’d need. Then Ethereum came along and launched us into a multi-blockchain world. Since then we’ve seen many new blockchains emerge with their various different protocols, financed by their various different tokens. One of the the key doctrines of...


Should Developers Do All Their Own QA? – Slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes IT News:
Fashion retailer The Iconic is no longer running quality assurance as a separate function within its software development process, having shifted QA responsibilities directly onto developers... "We decided: we've got all these [developers] who are [coding] every ...


Symfony 4.0.0-BETA3 released

Symfony 4.0.0-BETA3 has just been released. Here is a list of the most
important changes:

bug #24531 [HttpFoundation] Fix forward-compat of NativeSessionStorage with PHP 7.2 (@sroze)
bug #24828 [DI] Fix the "almost-circular refs" fix (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #24665 Fix dump panel hidden when closing a dump...


Amazon API Gateway Supports Regional API Endpoints

You can now choose from two types of API endpoints when creating REST APIs and custom domains with Amazon API Gateway. A regional API endpoint is a new type of endpoint that is accessed from the same AWS region in which your REST API is deployed. This helps you reduce request latency when API requests originate from the...


How to write a good status update

This is a guest post from Baron Schwartz, Founder and CEO at VividCortex. I’ve seen my share of terrible status updates. As Founder and CEO of a SaaS platform for database performance management, VividCortex, I know the power of a great status update to build or destroy trust. Unfortunately, I see more bad status updates...