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Airbnb Officially Launches an API

The long awaited Airbnb API is officially here. While Airbnb has publicly announced its official API, the API is not completely open to the public. Those interested must apply from access. Public documentation is not currently available. The focus of the initial API launch is the supply side.


Node v8.8.0 (Current)

Notable Changes
expose ECDH class #8188

http2 is now exposed by default without the need for a flag #15685
a new environment variable NODE_NO_HTTP2 has been added to allow userland http2 to be required #15685
support has been added for generic Duplex streams #16269

resolve and instantiate loader...


Write Your Own x86 Bootloader

What if you want to make a very lean machine and do without any operating system? Or maybe you want to try to write your own OS, even just for the challenge or fun? Maybe you were reading up on a cool OS architecture and thought to yourself, “I can write that!”. Well, before diving into your code, you’d first have to...


Create Charts and Maps | Datawrapper

Mit Datawrapper ist die Publikation von Diagrammen schnell und einfach.

veröffentlicht in Fortune Magazine, erstellt mit Datawrapper

Jetzt kann jeder im Team selbst Diagramme erstellen und veröffentlichen.
In Minuten, nicht Tagen oder Wochen. Direkt am Arbeitsplatz, nicht erst nach einem großen...