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Almond Flour Strawberry Crumble Bars

These days I’ve been known to linger in the kitchen because the oven is on.  Or linger with the dishes , my hands under the warm water.  I’m looking for warmth is basically any and every household chore… and I’m definitely also wearing socks with my slippers.  It’s a mood, and these New Orleans houses are...


How to take great weather photos

Have you ever dreamed of having a photo of yours in the Australian Weather Calendar? We've picked the brains of past winners and weather experts, to bring you these top tips for taking phenomenal photos of weather.
The Australian Weather Calendar photo competition
Every year people send us hundreds of photos of...


7 Women Shaking Up The Australian Art Scene

The art world has been, and sadly continues to be, a man’s. This isn’t a feisty feminist generalisation, but a well-documented case across the globe. And from representation to remuneration, Australia is no exception.
Championing the progress that has being made, here we highlight seven women artists making their mark...