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Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Says Recipes Are Dead — Food News

Celebrity chef Tyler Florence recently made the bold declaration that recipes are dead while attending Seattle's Smart Kitchen Summit. In fact, he feels our whole approach to making food — from purchasing groceries and stocking our cupboards to choosing, prepping, and cooking our meals — is out of sync with the way...


Creating corpses: Making bodies matter in Diablo 3

GUEST: One of the very first things I said after we’d officially decided to bring the Necromancer back for Diablo III was: “If we’re going to make the Necromancer, he has to explode corpses, and he has to revive things.” We all agreed that not having the Necromancer do stuff with corpses was just a...


7 Ways to Let the Humble Potato Shine

To celebrate one of the most nutrition-packed and comforting ingredients used across cultures, we’ve partnered with Potatoes USA. These seven recipes, showcasing various types of potatoes in their elements, bring out the best in this accessible, and often surprising, kitchen staple.
A visit to the farmers market, idyllic...