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Netflix is running a Snapchat lens that serves as a portal into the ‘Stranger Things’ living room to promote the show’s second season


Netflix is running a first-of-its-kind 3D World Lens on Snapchat that serves as a portal into its show "Stranger Things."
The augmented reality experience is timed with the release of the show's second season, releasing today. 
The Snapchat lens lets users interact with various easter eggs, which...


Eminem might have just given us the best album rollout of 2017

Some artists, like Beyoncé, just drop albums unexpectedly on us. Most artists though, have your typical rollout, with singles and press releases and well-timed television appearances. 
Not Eminem. 
Fans are speculating that the Detroit rapper has totally upended what it means to release a new album in this day and age...


Using Marketing Analytics to Win at Email Marketing

You might be part of the group of marketers that feel as though your email campaigns are missing something. Only, you’re not sure what they’re missing. You’ve reversed engineered your competitor’s email campaigns to see what they’re doing, but the truth of the matter is, you will never know the strategy behind...