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Stop Optimizing Out of Dealership Visits

People buy cars in person, not online. Yet automotive marketers continue to rely on digital metrics to measure success, even though research shows there’s no correlation between click-through rates (CTRs) and offline actions.


Why It Might Be Time to Rethink Who Your Competitors Are

Identifying your competitors is a more elusive quest than it once was, because comparing your organization with directly related businesses is no longer the whole story. Exceptional customer experiences raise the bar every day, and we know the consumer makes little distinction between sectors, which is the basis of our...


Google’s plan to block certain ads in Chrome is making ad executives nervous and fueling conspiracy talk

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A new Chrome browser update that will automatically block certain kinds of ads has some people in the digital-ad world on edge.
Google says the new ad restrictions are driven by research conducted by an industry-wide group called the Coalition for Better Ads, which examined the kinds of ads that...