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Inside the Federal Bureau of Way Too Many Guns

Jeanne Marie Laskas, writing for GQ in 2016:

“It’s a shoestring budget,” says Charlie, who runs the center.
“It’s not 10,000 agents and a big sophisticated place. It’s a
bunch of friggin’ boxes. All half-ass records. We have about 50
ATF employees. And all the rest are basically the ladies. The
ladies that...


SpaceX just launched the first 2 of nearly 12,000 satellites to blanket Earth in high-speed internet


SpaceX, the aerospace company founded by Elon Musk, launched a Falcon 9 rocket on Thursday at 9:17 a.m. ET.
The launch deployed a Spanish radar satellite and two experimental SpaceX satellites.
The two SpaceX satellites will test aspects of Starlink, a project to bathe Earth in high-speed internet coverage...


How burnout became a sinister and insidious epidemic

Half a million people in the UK suffer from work-related stress, and psychological breakdown can creep up without warning. But what, exactly, is this ‘state of vital exhaustion’, and how can you come back from it?In a bedroom in North Yorkshire at 2am, Sara Cox lay next to her sleeping husband in the dark, her eyes...


14 Bad Ad Policies That Will Get You Blacklisted in Chrome

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Google’s web browser, Chrome, now blocks ads by default. Why would Google block ads? Well, taking into account that more people are...