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Create Beautiful CSS Gradients In Seconds with

If you have been on the lookout for a quick and easy way to generate beautiful CSS gradients for your websites or projects, look no further than A project by Moe Amaya, the website allows you to create your own custom gradients exactly the way you want and automatically generates the corresponding...


DockerCon 2019 Keynote: Day 2

Join Docker CTO, Kal De, as he deep-dives into all things platform growth in our Day 2 keynote. You’ll hear about transformation within the open source community and how Docker is enabling innovation so others can build on top of the platform.


426 Upgrade Required – Evert Pot

The 426 Upgrade Required status code is used when a server wants to
tell a client that they should be using a newer version or different protocol
to talk to the server.
HTTP/1.1 426 Upgrade Required
Upgrade: HTTP/3
Connection: Upgrade

To use this service, you must use HTTP version 3.

When a HTTP connection...