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TensorFlow.js, Babel 7.3, Jest 24, and the future of JavaScript

#422 — February 1, 2019
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Future JavaScript: What's Still Missing? — We’ve looked at ES2018 and ES2019 and it seems JavaScript is evolving at a good pace, but Dr. Axel asks.. what’s still missing?
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Google Play Store Now Open for Progressive Web Apps...


Asynchronous inline scripts via data: URIs

Inline scripts are synchronous. "Well, duh!" you may say. That's a feature, not a bug. Because accessing a variable after an inline script should succeed. And that's fine. But not great. When is this bad? Well, inline scripts cause stylesheets to be blocking. Wait, what? Steve explained it 10 years ago, and it's...


New JavaScript Features That Will Change How You Write Regex

There’s a good reason the majority of programming languages support regular expressions: they are extremely powerful tools for manipulating text. Text processing tasks that require dozens of lines of code can often be accomplished with a single line of regular expression code. While the built-in functions in most...


Revisiting the abbr element

An irresistible HTML element deep dive from Ire Aderinokun, this time on the <abbr title=""> element for abbreviations. You can kinda just use it (JUI) and it works fine, but if you're hoping to make a tooltip for them (which works on touchscreens as well), then it's much more complicated.
The end result is...


An open source parser for GitHub Actions

Since the beta release of GitHub Actions last October, thousands of users have added workflow files to their repositories. But until now, those files only work with the tools GitHub provided: the Actions editor, the Actions execution platform, and the syntax highlighting built into pull requests. To expand that universe,...


PHP 7.3.2 Release Announcement

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP
7.3.2. This is a bugfix release, with several bug fixes included.
All PHP 7.3 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.
For source downloads of PHP 7.3.2 please visit our downloads page,
Windows source and binaries can be found on...


Announcing the Arduino IoT Cloud Public Beta

In our pursuit to democratize Internet of Things development, today we are excited to announce the Arduino IoT Cloud! The Arduino IoT Cloud is an easy to use Internet of Things Application Platform. It makes it very simple for anyone to develop and manage IoT applications – freeing them to focus on solving real problems...


How To Architect A Complex Web Table

Imagine you design a system for data researchers. Or an application for energy management. Or a dashboard for corn traders. Maybe you’re designing something like that right now. In all the mentioned cases, people will expect tables. Not those fancy ones from design inspiration sites but Excel-looking monsters with...