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New – Hibernate Your EC2 Instances

As you know, you can easily build highly scalable AWS applications that launch fresh EC2 instances on an as-needed basis. While the instances can be up and running in a matter of seconds, booting the operating system and the application can take considerable time. Also, caches and other memory-centric application...


Weekly React Digest Issue #174


How we use Storybook for documentation and code reviews
Thinking in terms of components has made frontend development a lot easier to reason about and codebases much more maintainable compared to traditional architectures like MVC etc.

Event Sourcing in React, Redux & Elixir — how we write fast,...


GraphQL is Everywhere!

I find GraphQL extremely fun and empowering tech to work with, even as a novice just getting started. You've probably heard the elevator pitch before: it allows you to ask for exactly the data you need whenever you need it (probably at the component level), and it arrives as lovely JSON data for your usage.
I see it used...


5 Reasons Static Sites Rock!

Static Sites are the new hotness in Web Development and rightfully so. Every day on podcasts, blog articles, and tweets I see and hear more and more people converting their sites. Let's check out f...