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CSS: A New Kind of JavaScript

In this wacky and satirical post, Heydon Pickering describes a wild new technology called Cascading Style Sheets that solves a lot of the problems you might bump into when styling things with JavaScript:
A good sign that a technology is not fit for purpose is how much we have to rely on workarounds and best practices to...


How to Use MDK3 for Advanced Wi-Fi Jamming

You may have heard of a signal jammer before, usually referring to a device that blasts out a strong enough radio signal to drown out the reception of nearby devices like cell phones. Purpose-built jammer hardware is outright illegal in many countries, but Wi-Fi is vulnerable to several different jamming attacks that can...


How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Blockchain in Python

Cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology have taken the world by surprise —from their humble beginnings a few years ago to current everyday conversation point.
Typically, a blockchain refers to a distributed ledger technology that constitutes a “chain of blocks.” Every block in the blockchain has a...


What’s Inside A Scientology E-Meter?

This is something we’ve been waiting a very long time for. The Church of Scientology uses devices called E-Meters to measure Thetans in the body. We’re not going to discuss this further, because we don’t want to be murdered. In reality, the E-Meter is simply a device that costs five thousand dollars and only measures...


PHP 7.3.0alpha4 Released

The PHP team is glad to announce the release of the fourth PHP 7.3.0 version, PHP 7.3.0alpha4.
The rough outline of the PHP 7.3 release cycle is specified in the
PHP Wiki.

For source downloads of PHP 7.3.0alpha4 please visit the download page.
Windows sources and binaries can be found on



How to Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates using Coinlayer API?

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Back in 2008, a group of people hidden behind the Satoshi Nakamoto figure, developed Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer distributed...