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Unleash The Power Of Path Animations With SVGator

(This is a sponsored article.) Last year, a comprehensive introduction to the basic use of SVGator was published here on Smashing Magazine. If you’d like to learn about the fundamentals of SVGator, setting up your first projects, and creating your first animations, we strongly recommended you read it before continuing...


Master Geolocation for Free with IP Geolocation API

Understanding where your users are, can mean the difference between making a sale, attracting a new member, getting a push on social media, building a solid user experience, or bombing completely. Because where a person is, affects their schedule, their culture, their currency, their whole outlook on the world. Sure, you...


Announcing the Visual Studio Code Installer for Java

It’s been almost 3 years since the first Java language server was developed during a hackathon in a small conference room at Microsoft’s Zurich office with people from Red Hat, IBM, Codenvy and Microsoft, which later became one of the most popular extensions for Visual Studio Code with more than 2.7 million...


How to Transform an Air Traffic API to GeoJSON to Render on a Map

There are many services and APIs that provide valuable data to use in an application. Unfortunately, that data isn't always the complete dataset we need or it may have structural differences that reduce its utility. This project demonstrates how to retrieve data from an API for global flight tracking and then transform it...


Converting a JS library to TypeScript: Part 2

If you missed part one, you can
find it here.

Today we’re implementing more of test-data-bot’s API in TypeScript and diving
more into types, interfaces and figuring out how best to model our API through
TypeScript. I talk through the pros and cons and my thought process as we figure
out the right approach.
You can...


Drawing Realistic Clouds with SVG and CSS

Greek mythology tells the story of Zeus creating the cloud nymph, Nephele. Like other Greek myths, this tale gets pretty bizarre and X-rated. Here’s a very abridged, polite version.
Nephele, we are told, was created by Zeus in the image of his own beautiful wife. A mortal meets Nephele, falls in love with her and,...