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Why This Florida City Is Debranding Itself

Gainesville prides itself on using human-centered design. Now it’s applying the same ethos to its brand.
Most cities have brands. New York has a blocky typographic logo. Philadelphia’s logo is a graphic of the Liberty Bell, with the slogan “Life, liberty, and you.” But Gainesville, Florida, has gone in the...


How Paul Rand presented logos to clients

In issue 153 of Graphis magazine(1971/72), Stanley Mason wrote a piece titled “How Paul Rand Presents Trade-Mark Designs to Clients”. It shared examples of the short-run booklets Rand used for showcasing his single-option design ideas. A few of Rand’s insights were also included.


User research isn’t too expensive

It's not too time-consuming, either. The Signal design team shares their guerrilla approach to conducting user research on a tight budget.
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5 Fun Augmented Reality Apps for Design Inspiration

Augmented reality is a growing trend in application design and development. Apple has invested in the technology with recent updates (ARKit), and plans to include even more AR features. So how do you start planning to design for augmented reality? It starts with playing with apps already on the market to see how they work....


Design Tips for Mobile Checkout Screens

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Designing your site for a better conversion rate is a guaranteed way to increase sales. But you also need to consider general UX principles for your...


Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for AdAge by OCD

“In this Day and Age”

Established in 1930 (originally as Advertising Age), AdAge is a global media platform focused on "curated creativity, data and analysis, people and culture, and innovation and forecasting". Originally published as a broadsheet newspaper, AdAge still has a strong print presence, pumping...


A Great Reminder To All Technology Designers, From Apple In 1985

Perhaps the key to all design is to always remember that humans need to be kind to other humans.
This is a message from 1985 Apple to technology designers everywhere, including those at Apple in 2018. A message contained on page 14 of the introduction to a pre-release version of Apple II Human Interface Guidelines that is...


Sustainability on Display at the Museum of Brands in London

This week, the Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising in London unveiled their latest exhibit, Pack The Future, an in-depth look at sustainable packaging. We spoke with museum CEO Chris Griffin about their new display and some of the innovations that have been made around sustainable packaging.