Twitter Releases Major Events Calendar for July to Assist with Strategic Planning

Home Marketing Twitter Releases Major Events Calendar for July to Assist with Strategic Planning

We’ve moved past the halfway mark of 2019 – and we’re now less than 6 months away from 2020.

Have you started planning out your Christmas campaigns yet?

It’s probably better to start closer to now – and to help, this week, Twitter has published its latest monthly events calendar, highlighting all the key dates and events of note happening in July 2019.

Twitter’s event calendars are particularly helpful for social content planning, because more than simply highlighting the key dates and events, they also note their respective tweet volume stats, based on previous years. This can help to further underline exactly which events are likely to generate increased social media discussion – and which you should consider tapping into to maximize brand and campaign exposure.

So what are the key dates to be aware of in July?

There’s a range of interesting opportunities this month, including:

  • #WorldEmojiDay (July 17th)
  • #NationalIceCreamDay (July 21)
  • VidCon (July 10th)

There’s also #IndependenceDay in the US (July 4) - which, if you’re in the US, you’re no doubt very well aware of this week - and the always massive San Diego Comic-Con (July 18), where a range of new movie trailers will be released, sparking new tweet discussions.

Tapping into these trends can provide additional exposure potential, so if any of these events relate to your business, it may well be worth planning out your strategy for the month based on these insights.

And if you’re looking to get an even bigger head start, you can download Twitter’s full 2019 major events calendar here.

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