New York City Subway Riders Enjoy Spontaneous Backstreet Boys Singalong

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Riders on the New York City subway enjoyed a magical moment when they all started singing the Backstreet Boys’ track “I Want It That Way” together.

Joel Wertheimer, a civil rights attorney, captured the heartwarming Sunday night moment on video. He said he’d had “a really tough week” and “wasn’t in the mood for Showtime particularly” when a shirtless man walked between cars “bumping a speaker” that was playing the band’s 1999 hit.

“But sometimes people and life surprise you and a little magic happens,” Wertheimer added in the caption he posted on Twitter.

Check out the video here:

It’s unclear where the apparently spontaneous singalong happened. Wertheimer, who previously worked as an associate staff secretary for former President Barack Obama, did not immediately return HuffPost’s inquiry.

Several hours after his video began to spread online, he asked anyone who enjoyed it to donate to the Coalition For The Homeless because “not everybody on the train in New York is so lucky.”

The Backstreet Boys’ official Twitter account said the band lived “for moments like this.”

Band member Nick Carter, meanwhile, called it “amazing!!”

The Backstreet Boys on Tuesday performed in London as part of the band’s DNA World Tour:

Compare the subway riders’ rendition of the song with the original here:


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