Cop’s head smashed on road in ‘sickening’ act

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Victoria Police are hunting for a group of six people after they allegedly set upon two senior cops in Melbourne early this morning, “rag-dolling” one of the officers and leaving the other with cuts and bruises.

The horrific brawl broke out around 3am this morning after two officers were called to Fitzroy St in St Kilda to reports a vulnerable woman was being attacked by a large group.

As police started to arrest a man, they found themselves surrounded by an angry mob, who set upon the two cops.

The officers used their capsicum spray to try and protect themselves but were still attacked.

In what Victoria Police Superintendent Tony Silva described as one of the most sickening attacks he had seen, one of the responding officers was then dragged to the ground and had his head smashed against the pavement.

“I would describe it as rag dolling him, smashing his head into the concrete roadway,” Mr Silva said.

Police are now hunting for the man who allegedly smashed the officer’s head onto the road and have released terrifying mobile phone footage from the incident.

The footage, peppered with screams from bystanders, features a man wearing a grey-green t-shirt punching one of the officers in the head before pounding his face into the ground.

Paramedics rushed the two officers to Epworth Hospital with serious injuries where they were treated for cuts, abrasion and bruising.

The officer who had his head smashed against the ground was released from hospital earlier today with facial swelling, cuts and bruising to his forehead.

The other officer allegedly attacked will have emergency surgery tonight after he was left with serious injuries to his shoulder.

The two officers managed to arrest a 26-year-old man however the rest of the group fled before backup arrived.

“His associates or other persons of interest who were behaving like animals with that pack mentality set upon police who were vulnerable on the ground with the suspect,” Mr Silva said.

“I’ve been in the police force for over 30 years and the beauty of my job is I get to see some really great people out there, but I also see the worst of society and what I’ve seen on this video and what I’ve seen through this event is the worst of society,” he said.

“These people acted like animals. They will find the full force of the law is their future…Victoria Police will spare no expense to bring the five to seven suspects to account.”

Police are still looking for the group of people, believed to be five men and a woman aged in her 20s.

All are described as having a Caucasian appearance.

Anyone with information or who was in the area at the time of the assault and brawl is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or at

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