Top UI/UX Design Works — #36

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January 2019 #1

Every day most digital designers look for inspiration on sources like Dribbble or Behance for mobile and webdesign UI/UX works. In a large stream of the works, it is very easy to miss some quality shots with small number of likes and comments.

We decided to change that and showcase some of the recent cool shots from the design community.

Here they are:

CBy author: Happy New Year! On a completely unrelated note here is some warpy transition effects to kick off 2019.

By author: Hello dribbblers! This is my latest work

By author: Happy New Year! A little interaction idea I had to start things off in 2019 💡 Made using C4D + Octane + X-particles + After Effects

By author: Hi guys. This animation for photos albums. If you like it. Press L to show some love. Have a good day!

By author: I’ve been spending some time experimenting with cloth simulations and had this quick idea for a floaty WebGL image transition!

By author: Good morming everyone! Today I’d like to share with you the next concept shop for an e-commerce app showing product details. LightAR is here to satisfy any sophisticated interior design enthusiast with hundreds of unique and luxurious lighting collections. The app not only allows you to smoothly swipe through and purchase different products, but also it provides you with the possibility to check how each masterpiece would look directly in your home by using Augmented Reality view.

By author: New year, new tools. We re-built the presentation and Inspect experience from the ground up for Studio prototypes. You can try it out today! We are also working towards surfacing interactions so that you can automatically pass off all of your animation specs to developers with ease.

By author: Hi folks! A new shot in the new year.🎄 This is an experimental work on a very interesting topic. All of us have a white (light) 😇 and black (dark) 👹 side, it’s up to us to decide which side we want to bow to. I tried to present that topic through this design. Please check it and share some thoughts about that.

By author: Turning my Cinema4D & Octane Space Art Study into a cool landing page design. Live. Learn. Explore. Your Drive Has No Boundaries.

By author: Hello dribbblers, This is an animation for the Biletix redesign work I did last month. More simple, more contextual, more useful. Hope you like it! — Biletix is an affiliate of international ticketing company Ticketmaster under the Live Nation Entertainment umbrella. — To be continued. Cheers!

By author: When opening up action options from the tab bar cta, the tab bar expands while the cta is transformed into the close button. This gives more context to the action options as they are connected to the tab bar via the cta.

By author: Hope you like~

By author: Design of a game store. Press L and show your love. Thank you!

By author: Smartwatches are limited with their size, thus all data have to stand out both in size and color. Here is our take on activity app on smartwatch. We have used more contrasting colors with gradient along with interactive animations to highlight important statistics. Very important feature is that users have the option to customize the most important data for them.

By author: When we buy something, the merchant only receives cash or can only pay by mobile phone. This concept App is designed to solve this problem. You can use this App to scan cash directly, and then cash can be converted into electronic money into your mobile phone. Then the cash turns grey and unavailable. On the other hand, if you scan the gray cash with App, the electronic money in your mobile phone will be converted into cash, and then the cash will become the normal color. In this way, cash and electronic money can be converted to each other.

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