Classmate Studio Prepares To Brew Your Mind

Home Design Classmate Studio Prepares To Brew Your Mind

By: Casha Doemland

A Hungarian-based brewery wants you to let them Brew Your Mind, literally, with a series of special-edition cans designed by the team at Classmate Studio.

“Brew Your Mind was founded by Ákos and Olivér, two childhood friends from Szekszárd, Hungary in 2014,” begins Jozsef Gergely Kiss, graphic design at Classmate Studio. “It started as a hobby, then quickly became a form of self-expression as brewing beer is finding a balance between art and science, much like architecture. “

Originally, Classmate was recruited to design the logo and two label designs, and with the “twisted nature of ‘brew your mind,’ an optical illusion gave us the inspiration for the logo,” chimes in Kiss.

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