Salesforce appoints Data Protection Officer ahead of GDPR

Home Tech Salesforce appoints Data Protection Officer ahead of GDPR

Salesforce on Monday announced it’s met a GDPR requirement — appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) — just shy of the May 25 GDPR compliance deadline.

The new title goes to Lindsey Finch, who joined Salesforce more than 10 years ago and current serves as SVP of Global Privacy and Product Legal. As DPO, Finch will be responsible for ensuring the CRM business is in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, and she’ll serve as the liaison between the company and regulatory authorities.

The GDPR gives European citizens more control over their data, prompting businesses around the globe to update their privacy and data handling policies. Facebook recently updated its privacy settings ahead of the new law. Google, meanwhile, has made its privacy policy easier to understand with the help of explanatory illustrations and YouTube videos.

Salesforce, meanwhile, launched a GDPR website earlier this year to help its customers stay in compliance with the new European rules, with resources such as a Data Processing Addendum. They company has also updated its platform to meet GDPR requirements, adding tools like the Individual Object, which is a way to consolidate an individual’s privacy preferences across Salesforce records.

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