Police will be able to ask anyone at an airport for ID under new laws

Home News Police will be able to ask anyone at an airport for ID under new laws

Beefed up airport security package will see police able to ask anyone for ID without cause


May 15, 2018 10:12:02

The Federal Government wants to give police the power to carry out identity checks without cause at the nation’s airports, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull citing the “dangerous times” facing the nation as justification.

Mr Turnbull and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton will unveil plans to roll out new legislation today, along with an already announced $294 million package to boost security at domestic airports and introduce new measures in regional centres.

The Prime Minister said anyone travelling through the nation’s airports could be subject to the new powers.

“Police would be able to come up to you and say ‘Hello, who are you sir, can I see your ID?’,” Mr Turnbull told Melbourne radio station 3AW.

“Police are being trained to observe behaviour, they pay very close attention to people who are looking anxious or creating a suspicious environment.”

Under current laws, police can only ask for proof of identity if they suspect a person has or will commit a serious offence.

Body scanners are coming to domestic airports

There will still be no need for passengers to produce identification when checking in to domestic flights.

As previously announced, new body scanners, similar to those used in international airports, would also be rolled out at domestic and large regional airports — despite privacy concerns.

The Government hopes 94 per cent of passengers would go through those scanners.

“It’s not showing you naked … but it’s obviously determining whether you have any metal objects,” Mr Turnbull said.

Regional airports will receive increased screening under the plan, including those at Armidale in New South Wales, Port Lincoln in South Australia and Monkey Mia in Western Australia.

There will also be extra screening of domestic and international baggage at airports.






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