PATAGRANDE’s Design Channels The Ancient Legends Of Mexico

Home Design PATAGRANDE’s Design Channels The Ancient Legends Of Mexico

Made from the hearts of agave plants and cooked in pits underground, Mezcal delivers a smoky yet clean flavor. Parámetro Studio wanted to match the origins of flavor with a monochromatic minimalistic design featuring the name and logo on the front of the bottle and a sticker of the agave plant on the back. 

“A tribute to those who traveled our country, Mexico, in order to reconquer the origins of mezcal. We created a clean and elegant brand with a touch of mysticism, exalting the pleasure of drinking a good mezcal. The name PATAGRANDE derives from an ancient legend, we wanted to own it by creating a figure inspired by Alebrijes and Mexican creatures, where the explorers encountered them during their travels before finding the elixir. In the brand, we appreciate elements of exploration that emphasize the history, as well as the examination of discovering the best mezcal.”

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