The new Google AdWords interface is coming soon. Are you ready?

Home Marketing The new Google AdWords interface is coming soon. Are you ready?

Google is gradually rolling out a new AdWords user interface. Word has it this change will be complete and available to everyone sometime in the first half of 2018.

Many of us using the new interface have been asking questions like “Have you seen this feature/report/functionality in the new interface?” If you are frustrated by the new interface, you are not alone.

Realizing others may have the same frustrations, I chatted with folks in my office and got their take on the pros and cons of the new Google AdWords interface.

Pros of the new Google AdWords interface

Let’s start on a positive note and talk about the pros of the new interface.

I like the way the program page loads; it’s more fun now. Reminds me of the way the new Air Canada home page comes online. I like looking at quirky “spinning” things while I wait for a page to load.

Some of the alerts at the dashboard level appear to do a better job of highlighting recent performance changes in a potentially actionable manner. If a group of products is showing a lot more or less often, there’s a chance my competitors are changing their pattern.

It could also be that we aren’t keeping up with seasonality in either direction. There can be a lot of swings in behavior seasonally, and they can be sudden. So that type of information is a help.

From an aesthetics standpoint, I thought the old AdWords home tab was unattractive, even ugly. Looks better now.

With the new interface, the early bird gets the worm. Promotion extensions on ads are only available in the new interface, and that can give you a competitive advantage.

There are a lot of new features in this version, for example, the Audience manager. It lets you set a campaign targeting people who have already engaged with your website or content in some way:

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