How To Build A Successful Brand In 2018

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Make Sure the Stars Align

When we partner with a brand, believing in the founder and feeding off their passion is imperative. Once you’ve pressed go on a new brand creation or revamp of an established product, it’s always stressful. Also, it can be difficult to gauge how effective a design will be for the first year or two.

Getting the name, identity, packaging and messaging on point is obvious, but there are many external factors that impact a brand’s success. Is there a change in consumer behavior? New legislation coming in? Competitors nipping at your heels?

When we launched Kabuto Noodles, a new instant noodle brand started by an independent entrepreneur, back in 2011, the market was completely dominated by Pot Noodle. Expectations of the category were low, fuelled in part by Pot Noodle’s own “lads’ snack” marketing. As a premium alternative free of preservatives and plastic packaging, Kabuto was a completely new and challenging proposition. Our understanding of the founder and our joint vision for the brand was integral to its success.

When you’re a larger brand, making a tweak to your identity or releasing a new variant is less of an issue, but startups are less resilient to market conditions. That’s why a shared vision between client and agency is so important.

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