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Brandspeak Joe Pantigoso

The following guest post is by SAP senior director Joe Pantigoso.

Here’s an exercise that can help you assess if your brand is delivering consistently on its promise throughout your customers’ brand experience.

First, using a wheel diagram, put the brand’s promise and personality in the center.

Next, identify critical brand experience touchpoints (e.g. the product, the store, the sales person, the website, etc.) and put them on the spokes of the wheel.

Then rate each touchpoint on its alignment to the brand’s promise and personality.

For example, Nike’s brand promise is to bring inspiration and innovation to athletes and it delivers this consistently with its “just do it” attitude throughout its brand experience.

Here are three key Nike touchpoints as proof:

products – innovation is made real in such products as self-lacing shoes and the cutting-edge Flyknit technology, which has expanded from shoes to apparel.

Nike Flyknit sports bra 2017

innovation – the brand comes to life with its cutting-edge, five-story, multi-sport experiential store in Soho, New York.

Nike Soho New York store experience

communications – evidenced with its inspirational “Breaking the 2 Hour Marathon” challenge:

This simple but effective analytic approach can reveal opportunities for your brand to optimize your customer’s brand experience to engage audiences and drive business. As Nike would say, just do it.

Joe Pantigoso is a Senior Director in Global Branding at SAP, a leading enterprise software company and top globally ranked brand. Read more from Joe in his series on Brand Tips for Branders.

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