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Sydney’s top companies 2019 revealed

The sale of Westfield Corporation to French retail conglomerate Unibail-Rodamco last year was always going to create a void in the upper reaches of our list of Sydney's top publicly-listed companies, but who would fill the vacancy?
The leading five companies account for almost half of the Top 50's combined market...

Justice Dept. preparing for Mueller report as early as next week

Attorney General Bill Barr is preparing to announce as early as next week the completion of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, with plans for Barr to submit to Congress soon after a summary of Mueller's confidential report, according to people familiar with the plans.

The US national debt just pushed past $22 trillion — here’s how Trump’s $2 trillion in debt compares with Obama, Bush, and Clinton

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

On February 11, the US national debt eclipsed $22 trillion for the first time.
Since President Donald Trump took office, the US has added over $2 trillion in new federal debt.
See how Trump's debt accumulation — and projected debt accumulation — stacks up to that of recent presidents including...



Steve Irwin gets his own Google Doodle to commemorate his birthday

On Friday, the late Steve Irwin would've turned 49.
To commemorate the late animal conservationist and TV personality, who passed away in 2006, Google will unveil a Doodle in his honour.
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The main Doodle features Steve holding on to a crocodile, as he was...

This Twitter thread of people who forgot words will make your day

No matter how intelligent you are, there's always a chance a word will escape your brain right when you need it the most.
A recent Twitter thread, started by Paul Coxon — a physicist in materials science at the University of Cambridge — proved that not even scholars with impressive degrees are immune to forgetting...

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Australia Is Planting a Billion Trees to Fight Climate Change

Tree Guy The Australian government is gearing up to plant a billion new trees, as part of a vast campaign aimed to meet the climate targets set by the Paris Agreement. The government estimates that the project, which will run until 2050, will eventually remove 18 million tons of greenhouse gases per years — an...

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Marketers cautious about influencers’ authenticity, per new survey

Influencer marketing could use some soul searching, a recent survey points out.
“The Global State of Influencer Marketing in 2019” [free, registration required], the first such report from social listening platform Talkwalker, queried more than 800 marketing, PR and other digital professionals worldwide through an...

Digital ad spending to top traditional for first time

Amazon continues to eat away at the duopoly of Facebook and Google with an increase in share of 8.8 percent
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Four tools to better structure your article for SEO and usability

Writing good content isn't enough. Here are 4 key factors to consider when creating effectively structured SEO content, and tools to use to meet each need.
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How to Think About SEO

Don’t you hate how it takes forever to get results when it comes to SEO? Everyone says it takes 6 months to a year and even in some cases many years to see results. Well, I have some bad news and some good news for you. Let’s start with the bad news… SEO is a […]
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Personalizing customer experiences at scale

Personalization has become integral to the customer journey and is now a key driver of brand loyalty across all channels. Consumers are much more likely to buy from brands – both in-store and online – when offers are personalized. And it’s not just your brand communications that need to be more...

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Social Media Dos and Don’ts for 2019

A lot can be said about what to do and what not to do on social media; some things are opinion, some are hogwash, and some are just plain common sense. Here are some of my top do's and don’ts for 2019.


Trump calls for 6G cellular technology, because why the heck not?

We’ve been covering the battle for 5G between the U.S. and China for some time. The White House has made 5G technology a national security priority, and industry leaders have followed up that charge with additional investment in the fledgling technology. What 5G exactly is though remains mostly a mystery. Is it new...

Pinterest Blocks Vaccination Searches

Pinterest has stopped returning search results for terms relating to vaccinations, a drastic step aimed at curbing the spread of misinformation.

Severe flaws in password managers let hackers extract clear-text passwords

By Waqas
Password Managers aren’t as secure as you might assume – Security researchers claim that hackers can steal master passwords in PC memory. Password managers are considered as one of the most suitable options when it comes to keeping your online credentials safe from being hijacked and exploited by...

Elon Musk: Bitcoin Is “Brilliant” And “Paper Money Is Going Away”

“Seriously?” Elon Musk is talking cryptocurrency. The real Elon Musk, not one of those Twitter scammers. On Tuesday, Tesla’s CEO sat down for a podcast interview with ARK Invest, a tech investment firm. In addition to chatting about electric vehicles and self-driving cars, the interviewers decided to throw Musk an...

Talking with machines with Dr. Layla El Asri

Episode 64, February 20, 2019 Humans are unique in their ability to learn from, understand the world through and communicate with language… Or are they? Perhaps not for long, if Dr. Layla El Asri, a Research Manager at Microsoft Research Montreal, has a say in it. She wants you to be able to talk to […]
The post...

Japan Sends Robot Into the Nuclear Hell of the Fukushima Reactor

Nuclear Probe The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) just sent a robot into one of the reactors of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which was destroyed by a tsunami back in 2011. The robot made contact with the melted fuel, picking it up and putting it back down to determine whether it was solid enough to […]


Case Study: Bewegen by Locomotive

Bewegen was founded upon the vision of revolutionizing how we move. They created the most advanced bike-share system available, featuring world-class pedelec...

Decluttering a Landing Page for Better Design and Higher Conversion Rates

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When it comes to improving the metrics of a landing page campaign, there is no magical trick. There is definitely not a...

Case Study: Inspora. Brand and UI Design for Virtual Stylist

A new generation of apps gets more and more personalized to dive deep into specific problems of a particular user. Today’s design story is about a product of this kind: meet Inspora, a virtual personal assistant in the issues of style and fashion. The Tubik team had a chance to work on the design of the logo, user...

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Kate Spade

“Ace of Spades”

Established in 1993, Kate Spade is a women life and style fashion house that offers handbags, ready-to-wear, jewelry, footwear, gifts, home décor, and more. Launched originally with her husband Andy Spade with a small collection of six utilitarian nylon handbags designed by Kate Brosnahan Spade (1962...

Adobe announces huge update to its Lightroom Ecosystem

Adobe announces huge update to its Lightroom Ecosystem

AoiroStudioFeb 20, 2019
It's been a longtime coming and it's nice to see an from Lightroom, they have introduced huge updates including the all-new Sensei-powered feature called Enhance Details. Combining the power of machine learning and computational photograph...

14 lessons I learned from the 14-day UX writing challenge

source: @ Green Chameleon/ @craftedbygcI love writing.As soon as I discovered there was this career called UX writer, I was like, “Found it. The long-awaited career that I’ve been looking for all these years.” (Although I was at a design bootcamp at the time, and most UX writers cut their teeth on...

Case study: The Design Process

A comprehensive guide on creating a personalized Design process and applying it to your project.Photo by NEW DATA SERVICES on UnsplashIntroductionYou’ve been given a task to design a product in a startup and you’re the only designer there. What would you do? How would you approach the project without any set...

Psychology In Web Design: How To Influence Consumer Choice

The web development market is a crowded one and consumers are spoilt for choice. Therefore, having a website that serves as a business card is no longer competitive. Your site should act as a direct...


Refactoring a component to use React hooks

React 16.8 introduced
hooks; a new way to work with
effects and state in React. No longer do React components that have state need
to be ES2015 classes that extend React.Component - hooks let us write
components as functions and still have all the functionality of class based

It’s important to note that...

Building a Landing Page Fast Using the Visual Composer Website Builder (Sponsored)

What if it were possible to build a landing page from top to bottom, including a header and a footer, and do so without any need for writing code? And even if it was possible, could you reasonably expect to do so as easily and quickly as putting together a puzzle designed for children 8 […]
The post Building a Landing...

New in Symfony 4.3: Form improvements

Added a Twig function to get the parent form

Contributed by
Christian Flothmann
in #28812.

In Symfony 4.3 we added a Twig function called parent_form() which returns
the parent form view or null if the form view already is the root form.
Using this function should be preferred over accessing the parent form...

XMLHttpRequest vs the Fetch API: What’s Best for Ajax in 2019?

March 2019 celebrates the 20th anniversary of Ajax. Sort of. The first implementation of XMLHttpRequest shipped in 1999 as an IE5.0 ActiveX component (don't ask).
Before then, there had been ways to pull data from a server without a full-page refresh, but they often relied on clunky techniques such as <script> injection...

Kali Linux 2019.1 Released — Operating System For Hackers

Wohooo! Great news for hackers and penetration testers.
Offensive Security has just released Kali Linux 2019.1, the first 2019 version of its Swiss army knife for cybersecurity professionals.
The latest version of Kali Linux operating system includes kernel up to version 4.19.13 and patches for numerous bugs, along with...

How NOT to design RESTful APIs by Rob Konarskis

I was helping out a friend who needed to integrate housing availability from a property management system with his client’s …
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Experimenting with Bluetooth from JavaScript

#424 — February 15, 2019
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JavaScript Weekly

Replacing a 'Hot Path' in Your App's JavaScript with WebAssembly — One benefit that WebAssembly offers is predictable performance across browsers. But how do you turn a hot path written in JavaScript into WebAssembly? This is a technical piece, but...